How should I dress for the family photo? 가족사진을 찍을 때 옷을 어떻게 입어야하나요?

Our studio has lovely natural light and simple elegant backgrounds.

For your reference, the outfit for family photo, the pastel/pale colors are well matched with our studio mood like beige/indi-pink/light blue/gray and so on.
Navy or black and white is also fine, please just avoid too bright like neon and strong colors or has big/many patterns on outfit.
Also, the shoes worn outside is not allowed to wear inside since our studio is a place where baby is walking/crawling, so please wipe out/clean your shoes at the bottom and bring it separately in the plastic bag for shooting.

Where can I print the photos? 사진들을 어디서 프린트할수 있나요?

We offer print, however it is more expensive compared to other printing services like Costco.

Printing at our studio will have the best colors for the photo, but if you want to print it at Costco please do not do 'Auto Correct' it will ruin the picture.

All pictures are original size, high resolution so that you can print-out any size you want. Also, all pictures would be sent after the photoshop. 

How long does the frame and album take? 프래임과 앨범은 언제 받을수 있나요?

Frame takes around 2 weeks after letting us know the file numbers.
Album takes around a month after confirming the layout.

How long is the photo session? 사진은 얼마동안 찍나요?

Usually the session is about 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
It will be no longer than 2 hours maximum.
If it goes over 1hour and 30 minutes babies will get tired.

How do I prepare for Baby's photoshoot? 아기사진을 위해 어떻게 준비를 해야할까요?

It is best to make sure your baby is in a good condition.
So please let your baby sleep well and be fed for the photoshoot.
Do not wake your baby up because they will get more fussy.

아이 사진에서 가장중요한 것은 아기의 컨디션입니다.

잠을 잘자고 오는것이 가장 중요합니다.

예약시간이 되었어도 애기가 자고 있다거나 출발하셔야하는데 애기가 잠이 들었다던가...또는 어떠한 경우라도  아기를 깨우기전에 저희에게 먼저 연락을 해주시길 바랍니다.

만약 낯을 많이 가리는 아기라면 자고 일어나서 빨리 데리고 오셔서 스튜디오에서 밥을 먹이는것도 저희 스테프와 스튜디오에 친해질수있는 방법이기도 합니다. 

How many do I get for the baby package? 사진은 얼마나 받을수 있나요?

For MATERNITY PACKAGE, you will receive around 40 edit photos.

For NEWBORN PACKAGE, you will receive around 30(studio)and 50(hospital/home) edit photos.

For SIMPLE PACKAGE, you will receive around 120 edit photos.
For MODERATE PACKAGE, you will receive around 150 edit photos.
For BIRTHDAY PARTY, you will receive around 300~400 edit photos.

For FAMILY PACKAGE, you will receive around 30~50 edit photos. (depends family members)

How long does it take to receive the photos? 사진은 찍은후 언제 받으수 있나요?

You will receive a download link to all the photos within 2~3weeks.

All pictures are original size, high resolution so that you can print-out any size you want.

Also, all pictures would be sent after the photoshop. 

How can I make an appointment? 어떻게 예약을 할수 있어요?

For baby's photoshoot, let us know the best time for your baby. Usually after nap and feeding is good.
Once you let us know the best time for your baby we will give you our fastest available date.

For family photoshoot, let us know a good time and 2 dates for your family and we will give you our available.

When is the best time to take Baby's photo? 애기 사진은 언제 찍는게 가장 좋아요?

For 1year  We usually recommend to take 1 year photo at 10 months, before they walk.
They get more active towards 1 year and is harder to take pictures because they tend to walk out of the frame.
more sensitive to strangers

For 100th day it is best to take it around 120~130days because they have more strength for tummy time. If your baby can do tummy time we can so various poses and style.
Tummy time photos are only possible at 100th day.

For Newborn it is best to take it within 14days of birth, because after 14days their faces start to look more like baby's and look big for the new born photoshoot.

We recommend these time, but it is still okay to take it even though your baby passed the dates.